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Notecards and Christmas cards

Each card is reproduced in high resolution from original color paintings or graphite artworks so that every detail is carefully preserved.  They truly are gifts of art suitable for framing, alone or as a set (as stated on the back of each card).   I'm always pleased to receive feedback about my cards, but I feel compelled to comment about some of the compliments I hear most often, such as "They're too beautiful to send out... I want to keep them all for myself...I can't part with a single one."  While these sentiments are nice, it is my hope that you will allow these cards to bring joy and a smile to your friends and loved ones, and serve as wonderful representations of  you and your personal taste.  So I ask you to please share them with others!  And don't worry, I will continue to print your favorites along with new designs in the future.  They are not investment art, so don't hoard your cards; instead, spread the happiness they bring!    


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Flights of Color The Dance The Duel

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Wild Paint Cimarron Challenger

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Fishicon.jpg (3943 bytes)


White Night

Water Colors


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Tanagericon.jpg (4364 bytes)

Mountain Blue Wild Turkey and Rye Early Spring

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wpe2C.jpg (3013 bytes)

wpe1B.jpg (3055 bytes)

Scissor-Tail Fly Catcher White-Breasted Nuthatch  Black-And-White Warbler


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Cedar Waxwing Starling Sparrow


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Chickadee Majestic Prince Quiet Pride


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